Build the Training Career 
of Your Dreams
Get Licensed as a Rescue Site Certified Instructor
Gain a Competitive Advantage
Become a go-to Rescue Site Expert
Grow your successful training business
A Rescue Site Certification Sets You Apart
Gain a Competitive Advantage
The  Rescue Site Instructor Certification helps you stand out in a sea of CPR trainers. You’ll spend more time doing the work you actually enjoy doing for clients who pay higher rates because they appreciate your value.
Get training & ongoing support
The Rescue Site Framework helps companies grow, fast. Becoming a Rescue Site Certified Instructor ensures you’ll deliver training that gets results for your clients.
Grow your business
Scale your training into a business or add Rescue Site certification to your repertoire of coaching deliverables. Either way, Rescue Site will increase your value in the marketplace.
How to Become a Rescue Site Instructor
1. Fill out an application
2. Interview with a Rescue Site representative
3. Attend the 3-day immersive training
4. scale your business into the career of your dreams
How Does it Work?
Whether you want to become a CPR instructor, enhance value to your existing CPR training business, or add personal value within a large organization, the Rescue Site Certified Instructor Program will get you where you want to go.

Rescue Site has quickly become one of the most trusted names in training. Created by Kirk Mote, Rescue Site has helped thousands of people save more lives. And the results are incredible. Many people have reported that Immediate CPR can double or triple chances of survival after cardiac arrest. While using the skills taught in our courses.

Rescue Site is certifying a select number of Instructors each year. A Rescue Site Certified Instructor can consult with individual businesses to help them develop an AED Program and create a management strategy that works. Rescue Site supports these Instructors with an immersive 3-day training, a license to use our framework, and qualified leads. We will help you learn our framework, consult with businesses and, if you want, turn your consulting into an independent business.

To become a Rescue Site Certified Instructor: 1. Fill out our online application. 2. Have a brief conversation with one of our representatives. 3. Receive your training. And 4. Get to work building or enhancing your business.

Without a framework, you’re just delivering training. But customers are looking for more. They’re looking for a proven system they can trust to deliver results. Becoming a Rescue Site Certified Instructor is your path to delivering results for your clients while building the career of your dreams.

Apply to become a Rescue Site Certified Instructor today.
Who Should Become a StoryBrand Certified Guide?
Established instructors
If you have an existing clientele and want to enhance your value by adding the Rescue Site Framework to your deliverables, our Instructor training will work.
Instructors looking to grow
Build your training business by taking clients through a proven training framework. Our certification program will give you a foundation.
Full suite training agencies
If you want to certify your entire training agency, we can customize a training for you.
What You Get with Certification
Rescue Site Certified Instructors receive more than $12,500 in Rescue Site training and products as part of the certification program.
  • 4-day live Rescue Site Certification Training
  • Access to Rescue Site Marketing
  • A pro version of the Online Rescue Site Proposals
  • 1-day live Sales Funnel Training
  • 1-day live Rescue Site Guide Certification
  • Significant commissions on all StoryBrand products you sell to clients
  • Access to the Rescue Site Marketing Roadmap
  • Exclusive access to the Rescue Site Instructor online resource center
  • Access to the Rescue Site Guide Community
When Can I Become a Rescue Site Certified Instructor?
January 2020
Atlanta, GA
February 2020
Atlanta, GA
March 2020
Atlanta, GA
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