An On-Site Programing Workshop for Your Team
Fully Compliant | Properly Supported | Ready to Rescue
Develop Policies and Procedures
Create Facility Specific Response Plans
Manage Legislative and Regulatory Filings 
Your Team Should Not Be Scattered and Confused
  • What is required to lease or purchase  an AED?
  • How do I know if my AEDs are ready and will work in an emergency?
  • What is included in an AED inspection / maintenance?
  • Will my AED automatically communicate to Online Applications?
  • When should I replace the pads and batteries for each of my AEDs?
  • Are CPR trained responders necessary to use an AED?
How to Book a Workshop
Your team needs to be aligned around a clear program. We can help. Click below to book your workshop.
Workshops take place over a day and a half. Block off those calendars and let’s do this!
Create a successful AED program for your business and complete your policies, procedures, and plans
Private Workshop Deliverables
  • Medical Authorization & Direction
  • Policy and procedure
  • Response plans
  • Site assessments
  • Management
  • Post-event support
  • Site assessments
  • Agency notification and filing
  • Legislative and regulatory fulfillment 
*Most clients don’t realize they’ve been stuck for years.
A Private Workshop gets your entire team moving again
How will your team benefit from a Private Workshop?
If each person on your team doesn’t know where the AED is located at work, you’re losing lives. A Rescue Site Private Workshop aligns your team and removes years of confusion and uncertainty about how to correctly respond to an emergency situation in the work place.
Here’s how it works: In less than two days, a Rescue Site facilitator will come to your company and lead a customized workshop for your team. During the workshop, a site assessment will be conducted, policies and procedures will be developed, and facility-specific response plans will be finalized. Everyone will learn the new AED Program which can be taught to your safety team and implemented throughout the business. Everyone leaves the workshop with policies, procedures, and response plans specific to your company and location.
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