Rescue Site AED Program™


Increase your chance of survival from Cardiac Arrest by 90%


New Rescue Site AED Program

Lease your entire Rescue Site AED Program for 5 years (60 months) with no money down and affordable payments. And when you renew your lease, we will provide a brand new ZOLL AED Plus and donate the other one to an organization in your community. Speak to one of our full-time Rescue Site AED Program Account Managers to discuss how to save more lives.

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Rescue Site AED

The Only AED with Real CPR Help® in the World?

When it comes to helping a victim of sudden cardiac arrest, not all AEDs are created equal. Unlike other AEDs, ZOLL® AEDs support rescuers with integrated, real-time feedback on compression rate and depth. Recommended by medical professionals, the ZOLL AED Plus® defibrillator with Real CPR Help® technology guides rescuers in performing high-quality CPR and provides integrated audio and visual feedback to support you throughout the rescue.



The World’s leading AED Program Management Solution

To rescue a victim of cardiac arrest, you need an AED that is ready to deliver a life-saving shock. But just having an AED is not good enough. You must make sure your AED is working and in the hands of a trained volunteer responder. If that sounds simple, you may not realize all you need to know and do to set up and maintain a successful AED program. PlusTrac™ AED program management makes sure you are ready, compliant, and completely documented, while taking up as little of your time as possible.

PlusTrac AED program management